About Us

With over a decade of experience, we created this company with a daring purpose: to use marketing as a force for good and build brands around value creation.

To create a better world through building and assisting only brands that inspire and promote high values.

Our mission

Pink Mind was born from a well-defined set of values we all share and the dream of living in a world created around these high values. We call this “The Code of Pink Minds”. It guides us in everything we do. We develop our business, our culture and our brand from our Code. We take and refuse projects, build and end relationships based on it.

Our Values

Drive positive change

Be curious, open-minded and passionate

Speak your truth

Have a deep respect for Her Highness the Muse

Have fun and spread joy

Recognize and celebrate each person’s individuality

Build honest relationships

Pursue growth and learning

Value big, humble hearts

Create inspiring results

Be truly, madly, deeply yourself

Always choose integrity